APPOINTMENTS: While we will do our best to conduct all booked lessons on time, DRV4LYF is not responsible for the postponement of training due to factors beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown or any other cause.

Our students are expected to be drug and alcohol free, but If for any reason we consider the trainee unfit to drive (e.g. due to drink or drugs or even lack of sleep) then the lesson will be cancelled and a cancellation fee may be charged.  The instructor carries a breathalyser and has the right to ask the trainee to blow into it.

Learners should be ready to commence the lesson at the booked time. If delayed for some unforeseen reason, learners should attempt to telephone the instructor to advise of the extent of the delay. A lesson may need to be shortened in such circumstances if the instructor has a commitment to another lesson immediately after.

PAYMENTS: DRV4LYF accepts payment by either cash or cheque. All cheques should be made payable to  “Kristella Training Pty Ltd” .

VEHICLE HIRE: DRV4LYF Driving School MAY hire out its vehicles but a DRV4LYF instructor must be present. Hire costs are $60 per hour. Students aged 16 will need to obtain parental/guardian permission to hire the vehicle. Students must complete a Hire Agreement formprior to the date that the vehicle is required. Students must have completed at least 1 hour of training with DRV4LYF prior to hiring the vehicle. Payment must be received before the hire period.

CANCELLATIONS: A minimum of 24 hours is required when cancelling or re-arranging a lesson.   DRV4LYF reserves the right to charge a tuition fee, if the student cancels a lesson less than 24 hours prior to the booking time.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: The School accepts no liability for personal property that may be left in the training vehicle.

MOBILE PHONES: All students with mobile phones are requested to turn them off prior to the commencement of lessons, for reasons of safety

GIFT VOUCHERS: Gift vouchers can be purchased -

  • Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue.
  • DRV4LYF accepts no liability for vouchers lost or stolen but may be able to re-issue for an administration fee.
  • DRV4LYF reserves the right to refuse any vouchers which are damaged, altered or defaced.
  • Vouchers will only be accepted bearing a serial number that matches the gift recipients name on our data base.
  • Original voucher must be presented.
  • Cash / cheque refunds will not be made against lessons purchased with vouchers, new vouchers will be offered in exchange.